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From the second you and your pet enter Noah’s Ark Veterinary Practice, you know you’ve come to the right place. Whether it’s a “routine” visit, an injury, or symptoms that “something is wrong,” you will be comforted knowing that your beloved family member is in excellent and caring hands. Our entire staff has multiple pets and we fully understand the anxieties that can arise for both pet and owner. We are always there for you, and we promise to exceed your expectations. You will get follow-up calls to check on your pet after a visit, hospital stay or boarding. We will return your phone calls and answer all your questions in a timely manner. If we feel advice is necessary from a board-certified specialist, we will make the call for you to make sure your pet is getting the best care possible. Most of all, we will be honest and sincere when it comes to your pet’s needs.

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  • Honest, trustworthy and compassionate care
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When it comes to smelly breath, don’t think of it as just an annoyance. Bad breath is often a sign of dental disease with plaque and tartar buildup, inflamed gums, and loose or painful teeth. Dental hygiene is very important for your pet’s health as bacteria can travel to other organs such as the heart and kidneys, causing serious illness.

Don’t take dental health for granted. Even if you use treats to help control tartar, these are frequently not enough to alleviate the problem. We can make the proper recommendation, whether it’s a dental cleaning under anesthesia or options for home care. Call us today to discuss your pet’s dental care needs!

Pets Dental health



There are many dewormers available but to many people take it upon themselves to figure out what their pet needs. They may think their dog or cat doesn’t have parasites simply because they haven’t seen any worms. The truth is fecal samples should be checked at least one to two times annually.

There are all kinds of parasites some of which can only be seen under a microscope. And some can cause serious illness in people as well as pets. So don’t take chances! Bring a small fecal sample in on your next routine visit.


When a patient enters our hospital showing signs of illness, it’s necessary to run tests or perform certain procedures to establish either a definitive diagnosis or at least determine the severity of the problem.

One of the first diagnostic tools we’ll use are in-house blood tests. We can check vital organ functions in a matter of minutes and determine if there’s some type of blood loss. In cats we may check for feline leukemia and the aids virus. Once we’ve run the blood tests needed here in-hospital, we may send out additional blood samples to test for other diseases or metabolic disorders For patients that may appear healthy, running routine blood work enables us to pick up early changes that occur in kidney or liver disease, diabetes, anemia, thyroid disease or a host of other problems.

Another important diagnostic tool is radiography. Taking x-rays and analyzing them immediately often helps us to determine the seriousness of the situation. Are there broken bones, arthritis of the hips, a foreign object in the stomach, fluid in the lungs, stones in the bladder, a tumor somewhere? We use digital radiography at Noah’s Ark. It has the advantage of being fast, safe (low-dose radiation) and very precise. When necessary, x-rays can be emailed to a specialist for further evaluation.

Other diagnostic tools we utilize on a daily basis include urinalysis, fecal testing for parasites, ear and skin slides (checking for infection or mites) and fine-needle aspirates (to evaluate lumps and growths for signs of infection, inflammation or cancer). For evaluating patients’ eyes we use a scope that checks for glaucoma. If we suspect high blood pressure we can easily check for it, and if we suspect a heart condition we may run an ECG to evaluate the electrical activity of the heart.

When making a reliable diagnosis we often rely on various means to achieve that goal. At Noah’s Ark we use state-of the-art equipment as we strive to make our sick patients better and prevent our healthy patients from developing serious conditions or ailments.

Diagnostic tools


Emergency Vet Services

Emergencies are difficult to plan for yet they happen mostly when you least expect it. True emergencies require a quick game plan. Calling to alert us is important because it allows us to prepare for your arrival and make sure your pet gets immediate attention.

Some of the emergencies we see include: car injuries, ingestion of toxic substances or foreign bodies, respiratory distress, internal bleeding, lacerations and bite wounds, seizures and inability to urinate or defecate.

Sometimes immediate surgery is required other times we need to run diagnostic tests for quick answers. Most often supportive critical-care will be necessary regardless of the emergency. But whatever the case we have a caring, compassionate and highly skilled staff ready to do whatever it takes to save your beloved pet’s life.


At Noah’s Ark you can expect the best for your pet, that is why we went out and hired one of the best groomers in NYC,  Jose from Bill’s Place.

Your pets comfort is our greatest concern, your pet can expect one-on-one service, all natural products, cage-free, hand drying by our certified, experienced and respected professional groomer.

“Allow your beloved pet a spa like experience, without the spa like price. We aim for a restraint free, positive, loving experience where your animal will be in the patient hands of a skilled professional!”

Call today to book an appointment 718-253-7387.

Laser Therapy

Noah’s Ark Veterinary Practice laser therapy

Noah’s Ark Veterinary Practice is proud to offer Class IV laser therapy to our clients as an effective treatment for cases of acute and chronic pain, inflammation and wound healing.

Laser therapy has been used to treat people for everything from sports injuries to arthritis. We’re excited to now offer this advanced technology to our canine and feline patients. Laser therapy can be used alone or in conjunction with other treatment methods. It has the benefit of being non-invasive, drug-free, safe and devoid of adverse effects and it’s a quick, convenient and affordable. In fact, we perform most laser therapies in the exam room while you wait.

Laser therapy uses light to penetrate tissue. This reduces inflammation and pain while accelerating healing by stimulating circulation and cell activity.

Conditions that benefit from laser therapy include: otitis (ear infections), periodontal disease, skin inflammation (including hot spots, wounds and pressure sores), back pain, knee injuries and arthritis.

Call us and ask if your pet might benefit from this affordable and painless technology. Your pet will enjoy the relaxing and calming effect it has on them!


There are so many pet foods available to choose from these days it can be confusing as to what’s best for your pet. The fact is dietary needs change as pets grow older. They may become more sensitive to rich foods or metabolize more slowly.

Certain medical conditions such as kidney and liver disease, diabetes and arthritis necessitate specially formulated diets. Dogs and cats may also have different needs depending on their activity level and weight. It’s important to have this discussion when you come in for a visit.

Many pets are overweight and need to be put on a weight-loss diet for a period of time. Others may be hooked on “table-food” and require a vitamin supplement. Be sure to tell the technician or doctor on your next visit what you are feeding your pet. We carry a wide range of foods and supplements in case the need arises to modify your pet’s diet.

Animal Clinic

Pet Boarding

Pet Boarding - Animal Medical Center

Traveling can cause enough stress and anxiety so if you can’t take your beloved pet with you, consider leaving them in our care. We offer a safe, clean and comfortable environment. You’ll rest easier knowing that your pet is in a facility with expert veterinary care with closed-circuit cameras, central alarms and climate control.

If your pet has special needs be it medicine, diet or anything else, our staff will provide the extra care necessary so you don’t have to worry. We have a large, enclosed yard for larger dogs so they can play and socialize. For those smaller, more timid types, we offer small dog playtime inside as well.

For cats we offer condos with a view because they shouldn’t be bored either! Regardless of size or species all boarders get lots of TLC when they stay with us!

Skin Problems

One of the most common problems we see in dogs and cats are related to the skin. Whether seasonal or chronic allergies, autoimmune conditions or ecto-parasites, skin issues can become very frustrating for both pet and owner.

Sometimes the itch seems unbearable. Other times there are large patches of hair loss and unsightly changes to the skin. The first thing to be discussed with you is diet and environment. From there it may be necessary to get skin-scrapes to check under the microscope or even to send to a pathology lab.

Other situations may require food trials (hypoallergenic diet) or allergy testing. Medications whether oral or topical, may take time and patience to help get the situation under control. Not all skin conditions are curable but most are manageable. There are many new drugs available, in addition to medicated shampoos and supplements, which can really help your pet live a more comfortable life.


From routine procedures to more complex surgeries, Noah’s Ark has a highly trained and experienced staff of doctors and technicians to ensure your pet gets the very best attention and care.

Our surgery room is fully equipped with up-to-date anesthesia and monitoring equipment. Your pet’s heart-rate, blood pressure, temperature and oxygen levels are continually checked on screen. Intravenous fluid-rates are monitored with an infusion pump. Your pet receives 100% of our attention before, during and after surgery, ensuring a safe and complete recovery.

Our focus is on safety, pain management and post-op care. Adequate precautions such as pre-blood testing on-site are routinely performed. Recovery of patients takes place under constant supervision. Patients going home the same day are discharged with instructions for post-op home care and medications. Follow-ups are done in a timely manner and we’re always a phone-call away if you have any questions or concerns.

Whether it’s a routine spay or neuter, tumor excision, open wound or orthopedic (bone) surgery, we’re prepared to meet your highest expectations. If we conclude that your pet requires a board-certified specialist, we’ll forward x-rays and other vital information to the surgeon. They’ll let us know when they can perform the procedure in our hospital for your convenience.

Dog Hospital


Ultra Sound - Animal Care center

Ultrasound is yet another painless, non-invasive diagnostic tool that we often take advantage of. It uses high-frequency sound waves to create a type of 3-dimensional picture of internal organs. When we have a patient that may benefit from this procedure, we schedule an appointment with an ultrasound specialist on premises so you don’t have to travel elsewhere. Ultrasound not only helps evaluate organs in detail but also enables us to spot cancerous tumors that might otherwise go undetected resulting in a better treatment plan for our patients.


When it comes to vaccinations, no single vaccine program fits every pet. It’s important to consider a number of factors such as lifestyle, risk for exposure, travel plans and overall health. Even pets that spend most of their time indoors are at risk for certain diseases.

Our pets today live longer, healthier lives as a result. But owners should never become complacent about keeping pets current on their vaccinations. If over-vaccinating is a concern, we may advise running blood titers to check for strong immunity against certain diseases. But this is something to be discussed, among other things, when you come in for your pet’s annual check-up

Core vaccines such as Distemper, Parvovirus and Rabies for dogs and Feline Distemper, Rhinotracheitis/Calicivirus and Rabies in cats have played a huge role in greatly reducing the incidence of these infectious and deadly diseases. Other vaccines that may be recommended include Lyme (carried by ticks), Leptospirosis (carried by raccoons and opossums) and Bordetella (kennel cough) in dogs and Leukemia in cats.

Come in and talk to us. We will help determine which are the appropriate vaccines for your pet’s lifestyle

Veterinary Medical Center


Veterinary Hospital

Whether your pet is young, senior or in between, wellness exams play a very important role in identifying health problems and other issues. A complete physical exam from nose to tail often enables us to recognize potential medical issues before they become too serious.

Since pets age faster than we do, waiting 2-3 three years between physicals would be the equivalent of waiting 15-20 years for a human! Whether you have a canine, feline or other furry pet at home don’t wait until it’s too late!

During a wellness exam, we like to ask questions about diet, appetite and activity level, as well as checking for any weight gain or loss. We look and feel for lumps and bumps that may have developed whether externally or internally. We may also check the limbs and joints for signs of congenital problems as well as arthritis.

We ask questions but you the owner also get to ask questions or raise concerns you may have. Be it regarding your pet’s behavior, eating or pooping habits, occasional coughing, sneezing or itching no question is too minor to ask.

Once we’ve determined your pet’s lifestyle and identified potential problems or health risks, we’ll advise you as to what the next step should be. Whether it’s simply modifying the diet, vaccinating against certain diseases or doing more of a diagnostic work-up that may include blood-work, x-rays or ultrasound.