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“Great service here. I brought my guinea pig in when he wasn’t feeling well. I had no pet insurance and have never been to a vet with him before. I called that day and they fit us in. We waited a bit, but this was because they were very busy with dogs and cats. They were all kind and accepted my Yelp voucher for the visit. Dr. Abraham was very kind and gave his honest professional opinion. You can tell the staff is very personable and knows their customers and their pets. They were very gentle with my guinea pig and took X-rays. Unfortunately, my pet was sick so we had to put him to sleep. They provide this service as well and are very professional about it. Nelly gave us time to say goodbye and figure out what we wanted to do. They really are such a great place. They even sent us a condolence card. That was a nice touch and showed they cared. Perfect that it’s in the neighborhood. Pets are members of the family, and Noah’s Ark knows it.”


“When you love your pets, you want nothing but the best for them. When I bring my cats here, that’s the level of care I know they will get. The vet tech staff is friendly, gentle and compassionate. My experience has been with Dr. Lori Weinstock, so I will base my comments on that. She is caring, honest, professional and gentle. She offers multiple treatment options and will consult with specialists if need be. She is not afraid to seek out other opinions and does not have a “know it all” attitude. She is human and sometimes does not have all the answers that we wish to hear in the moment, but I admire her for never giving up trying to find the best treatment plan. She or a staff member calls to follow up after each visit. That means a lot. I know this practice does a lot of work with rescue organizations, so kudos go to them for that as well. Yes, vet care can be expensive. Tests and meds can add up quickly. But I will say that alternative treatment plans are discussed based on cost, when that is a concern. Never have I been made to feel guilty for opting for the less costly option. Nor have I been pressured into going for the more costly option. My cats have thrived under Dr. Weinstock’s care. One of my boys is quite ill and needs to be checked bi-monthly. I am not charged for anything other than meds and tests. This is an honest, caring staff who will treat your pet as if they are their own. I would not take the time to write a review if I did not feel as strongly as I do. I know when I walk into Noah’s Ark that my pets and I are going to be treated by a courteous, kind, knowledgeable and compassionate staff.”

Harriet S

“Noah’s Ark has been our vet for our three kitties, two of which were adopted from there. The staff has been kind and careful when handling our cats, and equally warm when dealing with us. We feel very confident in the experienced vets Dr. Abraham & Dr. Weinstock, and we also like the one who started a couple of years ago, just out of medical school. Everyone is helpful and willing to explain in detail when we need more information. Yes, the fees can add up to a lot for multiple pets; but understand that this is excellent private care, not a charity shelter. We tend to keep the well care visit to a time of year when we can best afford it”

Sharon C

“I am a fanatic when it comes to my animals. I want them to have the best care from doctors who know what they are doing/talking about and are not in it for the $$$$. I must say that I feel comfortable bringing my pet to Noah’s Ark. The doctors there take their time with each pet, and they take the time to talk to you. You don’t have to come in and rush out. Their staff is very welcoming. They care about your animals. They even call you after the visit to see how your pet is doing. I’m happy and think anyone else would be too!!!!” 

Alicia C

“This is the most amazing veterinary place you could go to. The staff is absolutely amazing. If i could give this place more then five stars, I would. They are completely compassionate and loving. We brought our cat for an emergency visit. We ran into some trouble and they had no problems dealing with it. They got a doctor to come all the way from New Jersey at the last minute. The staff actually cared about our pet sincerely–they even showed it emotionally. It was truly a great experience that you get once in a lifetime. We are truly grateful. They are an amazing place. They put our feelings first, and it is because of them them our cat is still alive. AGAIN, THANKS A MILLION TO THE AMAZING STAFF. WE LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!”

Nicholas C

This is where I take my two cats. Thankfully, they don’t need to go to the vet very often. When they do, the staff takes good care of them and the prices are reasonable. I like Noah’s Ark so much that I have repeatedly stopped in or called to ask questions that didn’t required an appointment. I really like talking to one of the vet techs, who is often at the front counter. I think her name is Faye. She’s very patient when answering my questions.

Also, they truly care about animals. They house cats that are up for adoption. I adopted one of my cats from here and he’s in excellent health and has a wonderful disposition.

Angela T

“In a borough where there are A LOT of choices for vet services, it can be hard to figure out where to go and whom to trust. We found Noah’s Ark after having some awful experiences with other vets in the neighborhood. The docs and vet techs at Noah’s Ark have been amazing with our pup, and our family as a whole. They are the real deal! We love Dr. Lori W. and Dr. Ford. They both took time to answer all of our questions and always followed up when there was an urgent concern. I kind of wish my pediatrician would take a lesson or two from Noah’s Ark. The prices are moderate and have always been realistically discussed with me prior to treatment. As for front desk customer service—always helpful, never a problem. I’ve seen them deal with some truly crazy pet owners (this is still Brooklyn : ) ) with finesse and respect. Love it here.

Jordan K

“We can’t say enough good things about the great people at Noah’s Ark. They took such good care of our beloved dog for the last eight years when he came to Brooklyn, right up to the very end when we made the difficult decision to put him to sleep last week. Right from the first time we brought him there, we were so impressed with the care the doctors and techs gave him. It was as if he were a member of their family, and so were we. Medically, we don’t think he could have received any better care. Doctors Weinstock and Abraham always were extremely generous with their time, whether in person or on the phone, discussing any issues with us and explaining all available options. The best testimony to this is the fact that our dog, a shepherd mix, lived to the ripe old age of 14 and was in very good health until the end. We also boarded our dog at Noah’s Ark on many occasions and never gave it a second thought because we knew how much our dog was loved there. Whenever we came to pick him up, we’d inevitably find him happily roaming the hall with his dog friends or lying contently at the receptionist’s feet. How many dogs do you know who go with a tech to an exam room wagging its tail? Our dog did all the time. And when the time came to put him down, it could not have been handled any better. Our dog left this world with grace and dignity, surrounded by people who loved and cared for him. We would strongly recommend Noah’s Ark to any pet owner.”

Chris W

“Noah’s Ark Veterinary Practice, from the doctors to the techs, are the most amazing and caring people I have ever met. I recently lost my cat of 24 years, and I truly believe she would not have lasted that long without being under the care of Noah’s Ark’s incredible service.

You would think having a pet under the care of a clinic for nine years would be expensive. Not in this case. Before I was charged anything, the staff would go over every item with me and explain it to me in detail.

I could not even think of any other place I would take my pet to. I want a doctor to take care of my cat the same way I would want a doctor to care for me, and I found that at Noah’s Ark.”

Jeff A

“I would recommend Noah’s Ark Veterinary Practice to anyone with a pet. I have been a client there for at least 14 years. The doctors are very knowledgeable, especially Dr. Lori Weinstock. She is so caring and kind and treats everyone’s pets as if they were her own. She makes the most definitive diagnoses and will never give up. She will try different medications until she finds one or a combination that will help the animal.

Barbara H

“Dr. Weinstock is my dog’s veterinarian. She is wonderful with my 94-lb. baby (pitbull). When I mention her name, he becomes so happy. She has a gift of making him feel so secure. He never has to be muzzled or restrained during his exam. He loves and trusts her, along with the rest of the staff. We love them!

Most importantly, Dr. Weinstock loves what she does—it’s her life. She explains everything in a way to be sure we understand. We are lucky to have her and the great staff at Noah’s Ark!”

Aunt M

“Noah’s Ark is a fantastic veterinary practice. It is a very friendly place. When you come in or call, you are greeted with the utmost respect. The doctors know how to diagnose your pet so accurately. I have been using Dr. Lori Weinstock for many years for my cats, and she was always right with her diagnoses. I have recommended many people to Noah’s Ark, and they all had the same response about the care their pets received.

Gail Sudman

I have a four-year-old dog named Mister. Since adopting him at two months old, my husband and I have been taking him to Noah’s Ark. They are, by far, the best in Brooklyn. Dr. Weinstock and Dr. Abraham are awesome!! They love every animal that walks through their office. They always take such great care of my dog. The staff is extremely helpful and friendly, and they all know Mister by his name. I want to thank them all!!!”


For the past seven years I’ve been taking my dog to Noah’s Ark. Even with my recent move to Nassau county, I will not go to another vet besides them. My dog has had blood work taken, shots, anals expressed monthly, X-rays, and urine tested for his bladder infections at Noah’s Ark and he is handled so well and I know he is in the best care. When I say to my dog that we are going to see Dr. Weinstock, he heads for the door. What dog wants to go to the vet?!!!! Richie, the tech, is there when it is time to go down for X-rays. I know my dog is in great hands, and he goes willingly.

I recently took my hamster in for a large growth on his stomach. Dr. Abraham treated him, and he didn’t make me feel like it was “just a hamster.” He walked me through all my options and spent at least 20 minutes with me. Richie even called me the next day to see how he was doing (as they do with my dog). Who does that with a hamster?! NOAH’S ARK DOES!

I never feel ripped off or scammed with the price. I feel they are fair and always willing to answer any questions I have regarding prices and procedures. The atmosphere is warm and pleasant. We are welcomed each and every time with a cheerful hello to me and my dog. My dog often gets a hug and kiss from Dr. Weinstock and Richie. They make me feel like family.

I want to thank the doctors and staff at Noah’s Ark for all you do for my animals. I wish all vets would love animals the way you do. “

Tina C

“I have to say that I really don’t take my dog to the vet as I should, but here is a great story. I have an 11-year-old mini dachshund who started to gain weight almost overnight. It got so bad that he could hardly walk. I had to go away on a trip and I needed him to be boarded. When I brought him in, Dr. Ford new exactly what was wrong with him without even touching him. To make a really long story short, Dr. Ford saved Buddy’s life. Now, six months later, he is back to his old self—running around playing and doing his tricks. Yes, he has to take medicine for Cushing’s disease, but that’s a small price to pay to save him. I truly thought he was a goner. Now I’m moving, and I hope I find a great place like this again. Thanks everyone.

Mr. Anderson

“The doctors here are very thorough. I really didn’t know what was wrong with my cat. Since cats don’t talk, it is hard to figure out what’s wrong when the only symptoms are sleeping and loss of appetite. I mean really, it could be anything. The doctor made a list of tests we could run, with the prices next to each. It can get pretty expensive, but they don’t push you to run all the tests, nor do they make you feel guilty for saying no to any test. We decided to go one step at a time; we started with a blood test. That showed us that the cat had some kidney problems. We also chose to do an X-ray and urine test. They gave my cat some antibiotics and fluids. As soon as we got home, I could see a big difference. She was lively and hungry.

I like this place. The people there love animals and have always treated my pets well. What I really like are the dogs roaming through the halls like they own the place.”

Maritza M

“I love the doctors and all the staff in this practice. I took my beautiful Buddy to them for over 10 years of his sweet life. When Buddy came to the end of his life, the support, compassion and friendship we were given by them helped us all get through a very difficult time. I will never forget the care they gave him. So of course they are now my new puppy, Finnegan’s, doctors. I highly recommend them!!

Liz S

“I have known Dr. Abraham for over 20 years. I have always known him to be honest and conservative in his medical approaches—VERY practical. He does not hit the panic button but suggests as many options for treatments as possible.

His associate, Dr. Weinstock, is a love!!! His other associate, Dr. Ford, is newer to the practice but is also one who is very considerate and caring. On any given day you can find any of their own dogs working as ambassadors!!!

The techs care about all the patients and do whatever they can to make you feel more comfortable.

I can’t say that about too many other vets that I have had to go to when I was out of town and an emergency popped up—BUT when I had to see a specialist, Dr. Abraham was ALWAYS involved with that doctor and ALWAYS kept an open dialogue with me.

Dr. Abraham and Dr. Weinstock have now been seeing my animals since they were babies (now 15 years old) and I don’t have a harsh word for either of them—ONLY PRAISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Roberta H

“After subjecting Smokey to unnecessary and painful routine procedures from a vet in Bay Ridge, I decided to try Noah’s Ark, who came highly recommended from a good friend. I was extremely hesitant and nervous to make any changes, but I was getting tired of constantly dreading the visits and having to deal with this vet’s nasty and impatient temperament. Dr. Lori Weinstock is the doctor my friend referred me to, and she is absolutely fabulous. She displays a unique combination of professionalism, compassion, competence and sensitivity. She is genuinely caring and extremely meticulous. Instead of recommending expensive tests and procedures, she suggested natural, inexpensive remedies such as a foot soak for an infected paw and a b-12 shot for other issues my baby had. She has cured several medical conditions that this other vet could not cure for years. I’m only sorry I did not find Dr. Weinstock sooner, as she is truly a God-send. Elise at the front desk and Richie the technician are also extremely professional and compassionate and are truly a pleasure to deal with. Many a time the waiting room is standing room only. I honestly cannot say enough great things about Dr. Weinstock, Elise, Fani, Richie and the staff at Noah’s Ark.

Sharon W

“Living in Brooklyn, you have a plethora of places to take your pet. If you love them, you take them to the best. Noah’s Ark is hands-down the best. Dr. Lori Weinstock and her staff have cared for my American Staffy, Lola, since I first got her. They have treated her like family since day one (which is a blessing in itself, since many people and places discriminate against her because of her breed). It has gotten to the point that Lola is family to them. Always checking on her, not to sell anything but just to see how she’s doing!

They have always gone above and beyond for her and from what I’ve seen, every animal they have cared for. One memory in particular has always stuck with me. When Lola was a small pup (about four months old), she was brutally attacked by a full-grown adult German Shepherd. I rushed over to Noah’s Ark (which Lola, at that point, may have been there only one or two times), scared to death of losing my pup. They immediately called Lori Weinstock, and she dropped everything she was doing to rush over to save Lola’s life. On that day, we became forever in their debt and knew Lola had found her other family. The amount of care taken not only on her, but on me (since I was a nervous wreck), will NEVER be forgotten. That is the type of place this is. Once you’re here, you’re family. What’s better than that?

Lola is now a year old and loves to go to the vet to see everyone. What dog loves the vet? She loves to see Lori, Diane and the whole staff! She’s been perfectly healthy, and I attribute it to all the care Noah’s Ark has taken. If you’re looking for the best vet care for your pet, look no further—it’s Noah’s Ark.

Anthony R

“This was my first experience with Noah’s Ark. Something happened to my cat with the vet I was using, and I won’t go back there. My cat started to get constipated, and he eventually stopped eating and drinking. I had brought him to two other places, searching for a new veterinarian. Finally, a friend recommended Noah’s Ark. On the first visit, he was treated with an antibiotic for a possible urinary tract infection; but as he got worse, I brought him back. I saw Dr. Abraham. He was very patient with us. He explained all the things that could be wrong with my cat and he treated my cat for it. The next day, my cat was eating and drinking again. I feel that he is a very good doctor who knows his craft. I would trust him with my cat again. I thank him for saving my cat, Pumpkin. Also, I was pleased with the rest of the staff. They are all very nice.”

Maryann L

“Noah’s Ark is great! Everyone there is very friendly, helpful and caring. I bring all three of my pups there, one of which is extremely frightened of new places and people. The techs and Dr. Abraham do a great job of making him feel at ease. I will continue to come here for years to come.”

Richard B

“I am a new client of Noah’s Ark and wanted to share my experience. Firstly, the vets, techs and staff were extremely helpful. I have a Toy Yorkie who is extremely anxious, and the team at Noah’s Ark went out of their way to help my little Yorkie. They diagnosed and treated my Yorkie accurately and professionally. I will be a loyal client to Noah’s Ark. Many thanks to Dr. Abraham.”

Suzie G

“I cannot say enough about how wonderful this vet practice is. Drs. Abraham, Weinstock and Ford are total professionals—kind, thorough and always there to talk about my cat’s health issues. It gives me great comfort knowing that they are always available when I am upset due to an ill animal. They are a phone call away in an emergency. I have used many other vet practices over the years but find comfort in knowing I have found a professional, kind and caring staff. The vet techs are amazing. They truly love the animals they are caring for and go above and beyond caring and nurturing them. As I read some of these other Yelp reviews I am shocked at some of the negativity. One thing that you have to know is that they do their best for the animals. They are sensitive and articulate about what the options are, and they are always clear on billing. They are honest and decent people, and they have my complete trust. I’m psyched that they now carry some high-quality pet food!  I highly recommend Noah’s Ark Veterinary Practice.”

Alisa Y

“My dog has been a patient for many years. My dog bit glass, and blood was pouring from his mouth. We called and rushed him there. They have never failed to be concerned over Tonto. The vet was fast-acting and stopped the bleeding (stitches). Tonto is staying overnight, and so is the vet who has work to do. I can’t recommend them enough—they really care.
My dog loves going here. The vet put my overweight dog on Science Diet t/d. You can only buy these cans from a vet, and my dog is doing very well on it. I give this office five stars.”

Jennifer D

“I am a new pet owner, so everything is still of concern to me. My puppy had a rough day today. He was very lethargic, but I didn’t think much of it.  Then tonight, he started to twitch. I googled it and panicked at all the insane things they said. I decided to try to call the vet. I figured it was useless since it was 8:15, but I tried anyway. What do you know? The vet himself picked up!!!  Yes, it was after hours, but he listened to my problemand then told me to come over!!!  He put the gate back up and stayed to help me!  What an amazing, caring doctor.  He put my fears at ease and even told me if things weren’t right, he might still be in the office doing paperwork for about a half hour!  I will NEVER go to any other vet. They truly care about their “customers.”  Thank you Noah’s Ark!!!”

Maureen B

“Took my three-year old Lab Terrier mix to Noah’s Ark for the first time and I was extremely pleased and impressed by Dr. Lori Weinstock and the staff.  I adopted my dog from North Shore Animal Shelter when she was eight weeks old.  She was always nervous when I took her back there for her post-adoption visits.  Her record claimed she was aggressive and had to be muzzled to be examined.

Dr. Weinstock and her assistant, Diane, took the time to calm Sophia down and befriend her.  She was given a thorough check-up, bloodwork and a few injections with no muzzling and no problems!  The cost of the visit was very fair, compared to other vets.  It was a very pleasant experience for my pet and me.  Noah’s Ark was highly recommended to me by many of my neighbors and friends.”

Paula P

“Noah’s Ark has given me the two biggest things in my life—my dogs. We adopted a 10-year-old Shih Tzu, sweet as pie. As he went on in years, he had surgeries for bad eyes, arthritis, and bad lungs. Dr. Weinstock took care of him as he got old. She got him through the surgeries and lung problems. She and the other doctors and staff gave him a happy life, and he died very peacefully at 17 years old. Now we have a very sweet blind dog, Lucy, we just adopted. She is about nine years old. I had many questions about adopting and taking care of a blind dog and as usual, they were there to help. I would recommend Noah’s Ark to anyone who has pets.”

Angela S

“We have two dogs: a maltese and a toy poodle, and three cats: two American shorthairs and a Snow Bengal.  We would not take them anywhere else.  Skye, our maltese, suffered her entire adult life with chronic diarrhea. Not one vet was able to diagnose the problem, until we found Noah’s Ark.  Two years ago, she suffered a seizure and was near death.  She couldn’t walk or even stand without falling over. Her eyes were bulging and her breathing was shallow.  We rushed her to Noah’s Ark and found Dr. Lori Weinstock ready, willing and eager to help.  She was diagosed with ultra-low blood sugar and knowing that, Dr. Weinstock was able to stabilize her condition and bring her back to us.  She suspected Addison’s disease and recommended additional testing be done by VERG on Flatbush Avenue. We transported her there the same day.  The wonderful staff at VERG continued to probe and test and confirmed Dr. Weinstock’s suspicion: Skye had Addison’s disease. This prevented her adrenal glands from producing the hormones her body needed, and that led to the chronic diarrhea and eventually to her seizure.  They prescribed a low daily dose of prednisone and Skye’s diarrhea stopped immediately!  She recovered wonderfully and we’ve enjoyed the last two years with her, pain and diarrhea free.  Unfortunalely, a few weeks ago, she started to get sick again and Dr. Weinstock diagnosed pancreatitis.  For the next three weeks, she and her staff of loving, caring and dedicated technicians worked with Skye through two blood plasma transfusions and various medications to lessen her pain. For a second time in her life, they brought her back from the brink.  Today, our Skye is thriving, running around, playing with and licking everyone she meets.  I cannot say enough about Noah’s Ark.  Dr. Abraham, the owner of the practice, is a caring, empathetic and dedicated veterinarian. To our family (and Skye will confirm this), they are the epitome of what a competent veterinary group should be.”

David R

“Love Noah’s Arkbeen using Dr. Abraham for over 12 years. He took wonderful care of my Yorkie, who was diabetic and lived three years longer than expected after he was diagnosed.  We stayed with him when he opened his own practice.  Dr. Weinstock is terrific, and both go above and beyond.  Their prices are less than most and they provide quality care, but still pet ownership is expensive.”

Connie G

“I know my pooch is getting the very best care when he sees Dr. Weinstock. She is kind, compassionate and thorough. The whole office is staffed by folks you know just love animals. I always appreciate their next day follow-up calls. They also do grooming and boarding. I prefer he gets groomed here rather than the two grooming shops one block from me, as they’re the only ones not to make his nails bleed when they cut him. And I’ve never had to wait more than five minutes for our appointment.”

Kathy L